Paul's Pony Parties
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The Benefits of Two Ponies


Double the Rides -- Twice the Fun!

  • Children enjoy riding in pairs, rather than one at a time.
     They will not become restless, as they would be waiting to take turns with one pony.

  • The birthday boy or girl can ride more often, while still sharing with the other children.

  • The children get double the rides in half the time with two ponies.
     It is more fun and enjoyable for the children, with less waiting.

  • Children like to ride several short rides, rather than a few long rides.
      The thrill and enjoyment of riding again and again is more fun and exciting.

  • The children can choose their favorite, between the two ponies.

  • We can accommodate different size children, with a medium and large pony.

  • The two ponies like to go together to keep each other company.